Making the shift into video/film has been interesting, fun, and frustrating. I have been an entertainer since the first time I stepped on stage at age 4, and I have been a theater techie absolutely fascinated with the backstage aspects, but there is something about the permanence of film that really gets to me. Unlike a “show” with multiple performances and good and bad nights, when the editing is done, it’s done. No redo, no, “It’ll be better next time,” just move on to the next project and make that one better.

So, the first step is always Proof of Concept. John – my absolutely wonderful husband – and I worked on two Proof of Concept pieces to get the technical specs down for streaming services – which really is the new television. Both are shorts – that’s how almost everyone starts – and the similarities stop there. One is pure comedy and the other is arthouse. Links below. The learning curve to meet the minimum technical specs was steep, and, now that we hit that hurdle, there is nowhere to go but up! Upcoming projects include a survival show and a honeybee documentary, with several others in various stages of concept/creation. Links to the finished projects will all be posted here.

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Teresa S Landry

Arthouse tribute to Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Nature in Motion” offers a modern approach to a timeless philosophy. The law of attraction, the power of the individual, and the interconnectedness of all creation are expounded in Emerson’s words and Landry’s presentation. Niched for consumers of self-help positivity and spirituality.

Teresa S. Landry immerses you in Emerson’s essay “Nature,” (lightly edited selections) presented with music, images, ethereal motion, and positive energy.

“Nature in Motion” is available for rental or purchase on Vimeo – click here

Nature in Motion

Nature in Motion

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Welcome To Rockbottom Comedy Short Film

Comedy Short

Two empty nesters’ have a mid-life crisis after experiencing a van calamity during a worldwide lockdown. The result is a roller-coaster ride of mystical mishaps and comedy in the woods because “Strange things happen at Rockbottom.”

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“Welcome to Rockbottom” can also be rented or purchased on Vimeo – click here.

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