Welcome to LifeWithTeresa! This is where I post project updates, products, videos, some bio stuff, blog-ish entries on Thoughts & Things, and maybe a few surprises.

Current Projects

Things have been busy here, on the homestead, so I haven’t posted in a while. Of course, there is planting season, which is coming to a close. For that, we have added a lot of new beds and fencing. As for livestock, we have been incubating and adding on a small scale for personal use. That has kept us outside and moving, away from the computers. But the big project is just getting started.

John has been setting the groundwork for our next big project which will combine the homestead, media, and our personal interests. More details coming.

Multiple projects are always in the works on our (my husband John Elden Gibbons, me, and family) homestead, both personal and professional. As writers, entertainers, and media people, we have no end to ideas for projects, but we do have a limit to the hours in a day. The result is mild chaos with a lot of work happening, and a steady flux between argument and laughter…most of the time, laughter wins. We also have our own areas of interest (John is a survival/wilderness/wild food expert, and I am a fitness/nutrition professional), with generous overlap. We are both very much into homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Be sure to check out completed projects on the Shop and Video pages!