Welcome to LifeWithTeresa! This is a catchall site where I post project updates, products, videos, some bio stuff, blog-ish entries on Thoughts & Things, and maybe a few surprises.

Multiple projects are always in the works on our (my husband John Elden Gibbons, me, and family) homestead, both personal and professional. As writers, entertainers, and media people, we have no end to ideas for projects, but we do have a limit to the hours in a day. The result is mild chaos with a lot of work happening, and a steady flux between argument and laughter…most of the time, laughter wins. We also have our own areas of interest (John is a survival/wilderness/wild food expert, and I am a fitness/nutrition professional), with generous overlap. We are both very much into homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Current Projects

We (mostly John) recently started a podcast called Rockbottom Survival Skills: the Podcast. This is an ongoing project where we will cover topics from survival to homesteading to entrepreneurship – with occasional, inevitable side-steps down a variety of rabbit holes. Also, the Docu-drama of the same name is soon to be on streaming services. I’ll post as soon as it makes its way through the red tape of post-production.

I am working on a couple documentaries right now for streaming services – more details (and title reveals!) as they get closer to completion. One of the most interesting things I have found working on documentaries is that everyone thinks finding people to interview would be easy, but no-one (including the people who think it should be easy) wants to be interviewed on camera. So, delays happen. It doesn’t mean anything stops, it just frees up time to start other projects, thus the multiple projects going at the same time.

On the fitness end of things, I finished my multi-media project: 4 Weeks to Stronger Knees and am working on the promotion for that now. The ebook/video/audio set is a 4 week program for people who have weak knees and/or knee pain but are not in need of medical intervention. (In other words, do not skip the doctor.) This program is designed for people with chronic re-injuries or inactive lifestyles who want to safely advance to regular activity. It’s not strenuous and does not involve long workouts. The exercises are simple, progressive, and the sets are only about 3 minutes long. The catch is that the sets should be performed multiple times a day. Consistency is the key, not exertion. This program is based on my book, Cage Theory: Healthy Joint for Active Lives. I will be posting a promo video below in the next few days.

Be sure to check out completed projects on the Shop and Video pages!